‘With great perception comes great potential.’

There are many books out there on how to be more powerful, but power without direction is not only wasteful, it can be harmful. That's why this book is to identify yourself, and discover purpose for the life you are.

Obstacles to Opportunities - Discover new perceptions.
Self Doubt to Self Confidence - Lose hesitancy in your actions.
Find Use in the Useless - Feel empowered in all your experiences.
Lost to Found - Gain a clear identity of self knowing who you are.

This book is an opportunity, an offer to tune for unity, tuning the body, mind and self for harmony and a beautiful love for life. No more self doubt, fears and regrets, to bring a balance within, regardless of the external chaos. 

Shifting perceptions to transform your obstacles to opportunities. Creating clearer intentions to use and to feel, that all moments to be on a quest for the opportunity given. 
Gain the perception that any past, current or future obstacle is an opportunity for self development. 

You will gain confidence and more certainty in your actions, less hesitation, and build your self-value, self-worth and self-love. 

This book gives you practical tools to use in your path of self development. Perceptions of life and reality for you to feel and use. 

Whether you feel you have purpose or not, this book will aid your self growth. For those with a sense of direction, you will get clarity and confidence in your progress. If you feel confused and lost, you will receive calmness, tools and productivity for your life. You will discover your way, your direction to your purpose.

Do not hesitate and let an obstacle take away your opportunity.