My Mission

“I’m passionately committed to embracing life with compassion and love, and to live in faith with God.

My mission is to encourage individuals to attain better health independence while loving the journey. 

Through a blend of online content and in-person personalized holistic experiences, I aim to inspire, educate, and offer an opportunity for your holistic health and wellness journey.”

Luke Greenheart

Welcome to My Official Website - Where to Start?

I will try and make this website as simple as possible to navigate, life can be complicated enough…

On this page you will find all my online content, about why I started this journey online and links to my socials to stay up to date with my new releases and mission.

My YouTube Channel

Over 160 videos and counting. Click the button above to go to my YouTube page.

Live Video's Now on Rumble

Join me on Rumble and help build an online home for health independence through Live video streams & more.

My Podcast -Audio

Listen to real people share their life stories. Over unique 60 interviews.

My Podcast -Video

Watch the podcast and see the people behind the words.

Why and How I Started Creating Content Online

Let me first briefly tell you why I create such personal videos to share publicly.

On the 22nd of June 2021, I put my first video on YouTube for anyone to watch, it’s titled “Life After Depression, My Story by Luke Greenheart”. As you may realised by the title I am not only sharing my journey of depression, but also the fact that it’s over.

This may be the first time you’ve heard I used to suffer depression and suicidal issues, something many hide, I did too for many many years.

I suffered this from age 7 till about 28 years old, it had its lows and very lows but it was always there, just sometimes locked deep away in the background. 

In 2021 so many people around the world were experiencing depression and suicidal issues. They were isolated, with no hope for the future and feelings of unsolvable pain.

I resonated with the many feelings, emotions, and pains they were experiencing. 

They were like I once was, waiting for the problem to be fixed to feel okay with life. However, my journey out of depression and suicidal issues did not happen during an easy time in my life.

It happened while everything in my life was falling apart even more than it already had.

I wanted to share my story and journey of and out of depression with those out there who needed it.  

I personally started a mission to share my personal experiences having felt the benefit in my life. I received beautiful responses from putting my message out there. More and more until today, I continue to create and share my message, currently having over 160 videos on YouTube since 2021. 

Now in 2023, there is a wider range of topics on my YouTube channel, from my personal experiences to follow-along routines to reduce pressure, interviews, and much more.

You can watch my very first video below or click the button to visit my channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, click the bell icon to be notified of new releases, and drop a hello in the comments, let me know where in the world you watching from.

A Big Decision

Having experienced the intimacy of open authentic conversations I decided to create a Podcast.

I felt how precious it was to have a simple open conversation about life and our personal experiences, yet at the same time, I realized how scarce it is for so many people.

In August of 2021,  I used what I had, a phone, the internet, and a voice. I connected and shared real honest and authentic conversations with people from all over the world with no criteria other than communicating life and its experiences.

I’ve interviewed guests who have no online content and have never shared online, to experts in their field sharing what made them who they are and why they want to share their life online with you.

Sometimes it only takes a word or sentence from a stranger to give us a new perspective, new encouragement, or reassurance in our own life, just when we need it.

The podcast grew from one interview a month as audio only to 1 a week and as video too. You can now watch or listen to over 60 unique episodes on YouTube or your preferred podcast platform.

If you are new to podcasts and don’t know where to start, then you can start here by listening to an episode below. You will see a podcast player, simply click the play button (green triangle) and the latest episode will start. And below that you can choose an interview based on a topic if you prefer.

If you happen to already be a fan of podcasts and have a favorite platform to use, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. then simply Click Here and you will then be able to choose your podcast platform and add my show to your favorites.

Can YOU Help Me?

Whether you know me in-person or online, how do my efforts to serve, my content, and my mission affect you?

Do you feel I am following a path of compassion and love to others? and if yes, is that needed in the world?

If you have answered a clear yes to these questions then please take a minute to aid my journey to create more compassionate content, you can do this for FREE by following and subscribing to my different channels, leaving comments, and hitting the like button on videos.

All of this greatly helps get the word out. Plus it lets me know your there and it encourages my efforts.

Can You Afford £10 per Month?

If you answered yes I’d love you to consider becoming a “Greenheart Compassionate Contributor” for £10 per month. You can do this simply and safely via PayPal and the button below.

Your contribution greatly aids my mission and ability to put more time into projects to get more compassionate content out into the world. 

There is the option to choose a different amount if you can afford to do so. Click the button below and choose your amount, tick the book for “monthly” to set up a recurring donation at that price.

Holistic Health & Wellness Experience

As a holistic wellness practitioner, I aid people to a smoother way of being by relieving pressure from the body, nervous system, and mind. 

I am also available for One-to-One sessions via Zoom and WhatApp. Choose a button below to find out more.

Have You Read My Book?

The book is titled “The Self: Who am I?”, the first book I authored but not the last. 

I’d love your feedback and support, every purchase aids me in my mission to provide more free content for everyone.

You can buy your paperback copy or Kindle version on Amazon and by clicking the button below it will take you to the book on Amazon and find the Amazon delivery nearest to your location. 

The book is only available in English. Even if you order from Spain it will be the same book, Written in English. 

I've Started Something Very Exciting

In October 2023 I created a new space for fresh content on Rumble. What is Rumble, to put it is basically a video-sharing website like YouTube. So why would I use a different video site and will I be leaving YouTube or deleting my content on there? No.

My mission is clear and I saw an opportunity to create something different to my YouTube videos. A way in which I can not only provide informative videos but connect with you in a much deeper way. Through Rumble I will be going Live on video, able to take your questions or comments in real-time and build a community of holistic wellness.

Rumble also offers the opportunity to provide videos with fewer restrictions on your speech than YouTube. On YouTube, you will see I speak freely and authentically, but I do have to follow their rules. You may be thinking what possible rules affect me and my content? Well, to put it simply the topic of “health” is the issue, new rules changed recently and any alternative health content is under tighter scrutiny. I am not a doctor, nor do I treat medical conditions, I also do not claim to be a “healer”. My holistic service is about taking pressure off and opening an opportunity for life to flourish more pleasantly.

Many of you reading this may be from my in-person holistic services or my online content and I’d love you to come and follow me at Rumble. Here I will have more freedom to talk on holistic health and wellness as well as the ability to Live Stream and talk to you directly via the chat! Don’t worry you are not on camera, while I am recording the Live video I can see your comments through the Live Chat.

What's a Live Stream?

If you are unsure what this is then let me explain and tell you how I will be using it. Live streaming on Rumble is the ability to be on video in real-time with the added ability to interact with you through the chat. I will be making videos on all of this soon. But for now, if you want to follow my channel on Rumble you can click the button below and it will take you to my page, click the follow button at the top of the page and the little bell icon next to it, this will then notify you when I am live streaming and you can come to say hi in the chat or ask any questions.